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Tactical Training School

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Tactical Survival Training

Thousands of Americans go through some type of civilian military training each week. If you’re like other Americans and want to learn how to better protect your home and family and be better prepared for disaster then our tactical surival training will be perfect. Crusader Advanced Tactical Training School offers a variety of tactical training courses. These courses range from fundamental basic skills for combat, marksmanship, fitness, civilian combat training and survival training for harsh man made and natural adverse situations. Our courses provide the best tactical survival training with cutting edge programs and experienced military instructors. Learn everything from tactical shooting to community emergency disaster response training, situational awareness, civilian combat training, pistol self defense, long range marksmanship expertise and dozens of other skills.


Our civilian military training programs take place in highly realistic full spectrum training for beginners and skilled personnel. All of our training is performed by veteran instructors who provide practical real life customized private training for individuals and groups. Click the “1st Response” and “Civilian Training Programs” tactical training school buttons above to search options.


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