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We get you the best deal on military tactical gear from our partners listed below. Browse a list of tactical gear manufacturers and organizations below. Discover interesting tactical gear distributors from Surefire to Ruger, Glock, Hornaday, Simmons, Bolle and more. Feel prepared and safe in high quality military tactical gear and protect the things and the ones you love.

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Tactical Gear Companies

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At CATT, our private training can be rigerous, demanding and tough on our customers and equipment. CATT supplies reliable gear and equipment that meets the needs of the military, those in the public safety and first responder careers, avid outdoorsmen and women, and those serving in government intelligence agencies.  


Our customers can trust they will be using the finest gear from the best tactical gear companies available.  Our military tactical gear includes brands known for quality and customer satisfaction.


You can be sure the equipment you receive from CATT and these tactical gear companies for your training will be top of the line. If you are a "geardo" and demand the very best, look to CATT to get you what you want, at fair pricing through one of our distributors.  

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Some of our Partnered Products Tactical Gear Distributors:


ROCKY BOOTS                           BUSHNELL

BENCHMADE                             RETAINEARS

BLACKHAWK                              RITE IN THE RAIN

CONDOR                                      ROTHCO

HORNADAY                                LED LENZER

SPENCO                                       SIMMONS

FENIX LIGHTING                      SPORTSTER


MCNETT                                      BELLVILLE BOOTS


TRU-SPEC                                    MILLETTE


CCI/SPEER                                  CHAMPION

EAGLE                                          FEDERAL PREMIUM

GLOCK                                         RUGER

OUTERS                                       RCBS

SAVAGE ARMS                           BOLLE

CEBE                                            GUNSLICK PRO

HOPPE'S 9                                   M-PRO7

SERENGETI                                UNCLE MIKE'S

LEUPOLD                                    ZEISS

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