Tactical Training Questions

1. Why CATT?  

Our world is changing.  Every day we hear more bad news; Home invasions, mass shootings and gangs of predators on our streets.  Perhaps you've thought of arming yourself but are afraid you won't know what to do if confronted by an attacker.  At CATT, we will teach you the basic and advanced tactics and training, using your personal firearm or one we can provide, to teach you how to defend yourself and your family against several types of aggression.  We will train you to build your confidence and protect your house.  

Tactical Training Firearm Questions

2.  I don't have any weapons.  Can I train with CATT?  

We can train you to become proficient on a variety of weapons from pistol, shotgun and rifle.  Most of our classes do not require a personally owned firearm.    


3.  I do own my own firearm.  I want to get better with it.  Does CATT haves programs to make me more proficient with my own weapon? 

Several of our programs provide for the use of your own privately owned Weapons.  For example, our Precision Rifle Marksmanship Program provides a block of instruction to enhance your weapon and employ the proper techniques to make your next hunt a success.


4.  So, you are telling me I can bring my own privately owned weapon onto a military facility and shoot my own ammo?

Yes, in most cases.  CATT takes strict measures in order for you to do just that.  We place controls in order to meet Military regulations.  Examples include all privately owned weapons pass through the gate at one time and ammunition is shipped in a separate carrier.  Weapons, when not in use, are stored in a triple locked security center.  Ammunition must be commercially purchased.  We can not allow our customers to bring in their own reloads.  

Tactical Training Facility Questions

5.  You train on military bases.  Do I need special credentials in order to train with CATT?  

No.  Part of the process of attending CATT training is the vetting process.  

We screen all our applicants carefully and would do that whether we were training on a military facility or not.  


6.  We are training on Military facilities.  Can I take pictures?  

It depends.  On some of our training locations, it is perfectly fine.  In others, you are working in a restricted area, previously off limits to civilians and you can not.  We will let you know if that is the case.  During most of our training, we will have on site videographers, trained to take pictures and video that omit classified areas.  You will have access to that media in our Members only page.  


7.  Your round counts seem low compared to other training venues.  Do I not get as much range time as other facilities?  

We all know that ammo is no longer cheap.  Due to CATT's partnership with the National Center for Complex Operations, we are in the unique position to utilize Camp Atterbury's TADDS (Target Alert Data Display Set) complex.  Within that system is the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000.  In many instances, we will utilize that system in the beginning stages of training to become proficient and then go to live fire, making the most of range time and ammunition.

Tactical Training Course Questions

8.  What equipment do I need to participate in your programs?  What if I can't afford some of it? 

Each program varies in scope of equipment.  CATT will have available for you the highest quality, name brand gear to train with, however, you might prefer a different brand or design.  As long as it fits the criteria and need of the course, you should be fine.  Your cadre will approve any deviation of the packing list.  If you can't afford the gear on the packing list, CATT has the ability to rent this gear to you at reasonable rates.    


9.  I am really interested in the "Military Experience" and the "Maximum Adrenaline Xperience.  I am a little older and a bit out of shape.  What if I get into the program and can't handle the physical aspects?  Can I get my money back?  

Only under certain, unavoidable circumstances will refunds be offered.  We have placed safeguards in our programs to ensure your success.  First, you will be fully vetted and screened for health issues.  If  health is a factor, we will not consider an application.  Second, we want all our customers to do well.  We program 3 different levels of capability, each containing more advanced activities as you progress.  Make no mistake, each level has tasks that will challenge everybody.  Some physical, some mental.  Most of our training utilizes the team concept. You will work together as a team to build each other up.  Third, we program in rest areas to ensure you have recuperation time and hydration opportunities.  We want you back as a customer and a member of our team.  


10.  When do you conduct training and what is the deadline to enroll?

Certain training is conducted year 'round, while other training is conducted seasonally.  Check back here frequently as well and our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and special offers.  Once we announce a training date or class, we enroll in a first come, first serve basis.  We do require a deposit and payment must be received before training begins.  Inquire further on our contact page for more information.     



Send us your questions.

Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question except the one not asked.  Please feel free to email us through our contact page or at info@catt-jpgs.org