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Best Tactical Training

Crusader Advanced Tactical Training (CATT) provides a one-of-a-kind tactical training center with the multiple venues of the best tactical training for the civilian community as well as Military, Law Enforcement, and the public and private sectors. Based on our strategic partnership with the National Center for Complex Operations (NCCO), CATT is approved to offer a comprehensive platform of resiliency training and educational opportunities, conducted at restricted access, world class, fully modernized military training facilities, including Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Muscatatuck Urban Training Center and the Jefferson Proving Ground Complex.  Through two diverse tactical training center platforms, CATT provides both the public and private sectors access to the best tactical training with a comprehensive menu of contemporary and highly realistic training, developmental testing and evaluation programs.  

Tactical Training Classes

One of our tactical training classes is our SPECOPS program for the Special Operations, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, US Military & NATO Forces, State Local & Tribal Government, Defense Contractors and Federal Government Departments & Agencies. The other tactical training classes are our unique 1st Response training programs for Private Individuals, Corporations, Not-for-Profits, Sportsman & Shooting Sports Associations, Government and Defense Contractors, Non-Governmental Organizations, Veteran Organizations, Universities & Colleges, Secondary Education, Adult Education Institutions, Vocational Training Programs and Youth Rehabilitation Programs.


CATT's SPECOPS program is a platform for facilitating the best tactical training for the Special Operations Community “Under the Wire”. We help our tactical training classes clientele to engage the capabilities of full mission profile planning, training and execution enabling our customers to conduct full scale training in all areas including Unconventional Warfare.  It is CATT’s goal to accommodate our clientele and provide great customer service, to ensure success in their training operations. 


The other is CATT's 1st Response, a platform for the best tactical training for civilians “Behind the Wire” on Military Installations normally restricted from Civilian use.


Our tactical training center Motto is “Protect the House”!  Our Philosophy is “Complacency Kills, Don’t Die Stupid”!


At Crusader Advanced Tactical Training center we believe the 1st Responder is YOU! Proper Resiliency training and Situational Awareness have everything to do with avoiding a situation, preventing it from happening and/or reducing the severity of it when it does. In addition, being aware of how to interact with the 2nd Responders when they arrive (such as Law Enforcement, Firemen, Paramedics, etc.), as they cannot be at every situation when it happens.  It is up to YOU to decide if you want to be prepared in the event of a bad situation. You cannot buy Insurance for everything... ARE YOU PREPARED?


We believe our tactical training classes strength lies in our tactical training center personnel.  Our cadre, senior cadre, instructors, subject matter experts and pro-staff are some of the most trained, talented and experienced professionals in the world.  Each have different, yet relevant, skill sets.  Our tactical training classes cadre have served tours in combat, many of them multiple times. Some have been injured in battle.  All are competent, quiet professionals.  CATT's Law Enforcement and 1st Responder cadre have multiple years of experience in their field and include  sworn Law Enforcement Officers, SWAT, EMT and other medical professionals and health care providers.


Many of CATT’s 1st Response tactical training classes will be accredited. Participants can receive elective college credits to apply toward a degree program. In addition, CATT has a resource network of experts to advise, assist and mentor its participants through the process of choosing a program of higher education. These resource experts provide guidance throughout enrollment, class selection and the tutoring process.  It is our goal to help those in need earn a productive life.


We look forward to Training with you!


Crusader Advanced Tactical Training (CATT), CATT Big Buck Boot Camp (3BC)

and CATT Ministries Foundation (CMF) have a combined mission to provide

multi-disciplinary resiliency training and support to public, private and academic

sectors, while providing rehabilitation, vocational and job placement services

for veterans and disadvantaged youth.


Crusader Advanced Tactical Training (CATT) offers one-of-a-kind, one-stop-shop

resiliency training and best tactical training education opportunities at multi-billion dollar venues consisting of the following world-renowned Indiana tactical training center facilities in America’s Heartland:


                                            • Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (CAJMTC)

                                            • Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC)

                                            • Jefferson Proving Ground North (JPGN)

                                            • Jefferson Proving Ground South (JPGS)

                                              (Private Tactical Training Facility)


CATT develops creative solutions for multi-disciplinary resiliency training challenges

by customizing support for unique tactical training classes scenarios. We do all of this while providing the best tactical training and superior responsive customer service.

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