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Tactical Pistol Training

"Personal Protection Defense" are a collection of personal defense training classes of one and two day courses plus a combined week long course. These courses are designed to teach the proper methods of protection in and out of the home.


Level 1 course is Basic tactical pistol training. This one day course emphasizes gun safety and storage and the basic fundamentals of marksmanship which also benefits the client when using other weapon types. Clients taking our tactical pistol training lessons will utilize a weapons simulator prior to live firing, thus maximizing range time.

Home Invasion Prevention

Level 2 focuses on Home Defense and home invasion prevention. This two day course focuses on developing defensive shooting skills for various weapons from pistol training to tactical shotgun training. The home invasion prevention course develops strategies to survive a home invasion, set up a safe room and master the fundamentals of marksmanship on a live fire range.

Self Defense Courses

Level 3 is a two day personal defense training course with emphasis on concealed carry outside of the home. Clients learn defensive shooting skills using multiple shooting positions against multiple targets in these military style self defense courses.


Level 4 is a one day advanced version of the concealed carry course with handgun training. Clients will focus on shooting while on the move, reloading drills and engaging multiple targets, all while experiencing weapons malfunctions. Clients will learn point and instinctive shooting, timed exercises and target engagement, and will participate in various other drills in our pistol self defense courses. Our week long courses are a culmination of levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and a course of Advanced Handgun Tactics.


1 day/ 1 night

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