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Muscatatuck Urban Training Center

Combat Training Center


Urban Warfare Training Center

Muscatatuck Training Center



This combat training center consists of 1,000 acres, over 120 structures with over 2,000 rooms and a 180 acre reservoir in an isolated rural location, yet staged to replicate a Living, Breathing City (LBC) in a failed state. Muscatatuck Urban Training Center is an urban warfare training center and supports up to a Brigade-size element and specializes in a four dimensional training and testing environment:

Ground/Urban, Airspace, Electro-Magnetic/Cyber and Human.


Zone 1 – Industrial / Urban Canyon

Zone 2 – Educational

Zone 3 – Rural

Zone 4 – Municipal

Zone 5 – Rule of Law

Zone 6 – Residential



Real effects from fire to steam, sounds, smells, props, actors, and more. Train in everything from a collapsed subway, to a flooded train, tornado aftermath, a prison and more.


Muscatatuck Urban Training Center is a fully operational city environment populated with a variety of human operated and simulated electromagnetic systems. This density provides this urban warfare training center a robust Electro-Magnetic Environment (EME) for customers to utilize for a variety of testing and training scenarios.


In addition to recording Soldier activity in the Muscatatuck Training Center buildings, CACTF staff can confront them with a wide variety of battlefield effects including smells and sounds.


  • Combat Training Center Auditorium

  • Muscatatuck Training Center Classrooms

  • Video Service

  • Contracting for Special Construction Needs

  • Role Players / Props - COB’s

  • Civilians on the Battle Field

  • Unconventional Warfare


  • Bank

  • Hotel

  • School

  • Sawmill

  • Hospital

  • Embassy

  • Junk Yard

  • Overpass

  • Jail/Prison

  • Gas Station

  • Townhouse

  • Fire Station

  • Courtroom

  • Muscatatuck Training Center

  • Trailer Park

  • Train Depot

  • Oil Refinery

  • Dormitories

  • Lumber Yard

  • Market Place

  • Hotel Fire Trainer

  • Flooded Town

  • Urban Canyon

  • Media Center

  • Mock Villages

  • Combat Training Center

  • Dining Facility

  • Concrete Plant

  • Cave Complex

  • Business Office

  • Subway Station

  • Soccer Stadium

  • Laundry Facility

  • Religious Center

  • Train Derailment

  • 180 acre Reservoir

  • Fabrication Shop

  • Collapsed Building

  • UTM Shoot House

  • Municipal Buildings

  • Barn - Farm Animals

  • Observation Tower

  • Water Treatment Plant


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