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Military Survival Training for Civilians

"The Military Experience" is military survival training for civilians. It focuses on training civilians on basic skill sets based off of Military and Law Enforcement doctrine. Training is conducted one weekend a month and is taught over one year periods. Those with prior Military or Law Enforcement

experience may start at different levels for our military training for civilians.


Year one consists of tasks related to personal and home protection. In our military survival training for civilians you will be taught gun safety, use of deadly force, clearing interior obstacles and other critical tasks. You will employ various weapons and simulators in both day and night scenarios, enhancing your situational awareness. You will also learn a variety of tasks including self-defense, first aid and use of less-than-lethal weapons and their deployment.

Survival Camp

Year two focuses on survival skills to in our survival camp include hunting, fishing, food processing and preservation. Students also learn how to survive during natural disasters, breakdown of social order, chemical spills and terrorism in this portion of our military training for civilians.


In survival camp, you will identify options and formulate a plan for short and long term displacement, in all weather conditions. Students in our military survival camp will learn to navigate various water situations, military combatives, advanced first aid and driving techniques.

Advanced Tactical Training

Year three reinforces and builds upon acquired skills. It  also incorporates additional tasks in specialized venues for advanced tactical training. Students learn advanced tactics and weapons deployment. You will learn to employ escape and evasion techniques and apply them to real world scenarios using tracking/counter tracking techniques. In our civilian advanced tactical training, you will learn advanced weapons skills in a tactical urban environment, how to tactically employ vehicles such as ATVs and Zodiac boats and advanced rappelling, diving and martial arts.

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