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Jefferson Proving Ground

Tactical Training Area


Jefferson Proving Grounds



Jefferson Proving Ground (JPG) occupies 55,265 acres of land along U.S. Highway 421, north of the City of Madison, Indiana. Jefferson Proving Grounds is a former U.S. Army Base. It was used principally as a munitions testing facility of the Test and Evaluation Command of the United States Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command.


Jefferson Proving Grounds contains 379 buildings, 182 miles of roads, and 48 miles of boundary fence line. The facility is divided into a northern impact area and a southern cantonment area, separated by a firing line consisting of 268 gun positions for the testing of ordnance. This line runs east-west across the width of the facility.



Currently one of the most unique private tactical shooting schools in America for military and civilian training.

  • Live Air Bombing Range

  • Laser Air Bombing Range

  • 1,000 acre Air to Ground Gunnery Impact Area

  • 10,000 sq. ft. Old Timbers Lodge

  • Old Timbers 180 acre Lake

Public/Private/Academic Training


  • Comprehensive Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Training

  • Overnight Lodging (Barracks & VIP Housing)

  • Commercial Building Rental

  • Bunker Storage Rental

  • Ammo Storage Rental

  • Vocational Areas

  • Testing Facilities

  • Dining Facilities

  • Office Space

  • Classrooms


  • Airfield (4 Runways / Hangar /

  • Drop Zones)

  • Underground Bunkers with Train Rail Access and Truck Docks

  • 1/2 Mile of Underground Tunnel

  • On-site Sanitation Plant

  • On-site 50’ Water Tower

  • 12 Miles of Railroad

  • 40’ Rappelling Tower

  • 40’ Shooting Tower

  • Civilian Military Training Camp

  • Near Ohio River

  • Live Fire Hit House

  • 4 x 100 Meter Indoor Shooting Range (Up to .50 cal Capable)

  • 40 Foot Tower Target Range

  • Multiple Training Areas

  • Room-to-Room Clearance

  • Hi-Speed Driving School

  • Railways and Railcars

  • ATV Training Course

  • Bivouac Sites

  • PT Areas

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