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Civilian Marksmanship Training

"Precision Rifle Marksmanship" is a series of one week civilian marksmanship program courses. Our civilian marksmanship training is designed to teach the beginner or novice shooter marksmanship skills taught by world class trainers. There are opportunities for experienced marksmen and instructors to receive additional advanced training as well as shooter beginners and aspiring competitors. In our civilian marksmanship training, you will develop skills hitting your target at shocking distances.

Tactical Shooting Classes

Using civilian marksmanship program state-of-the-art facilities, Level 1 clients will learn in our firearm education program to engage targets with iron sights. Targets in this level of tactical shooting classes will be engaged at various distances up to 300 yards and targetry up to 500 yards, using optics.


Level 2 clientele will learn highly advanced riflery marksmanship skills from instructors with years of experience. Tactical shooting training students will have the opportunity to engage targets up to 1,000 yards!


Our Level 3 tactical shooting classes riflery clients will have the opportunity to bring their own weapons into our venues and have our experts help you fine tune your weapons and optics to maximize your skill set. This may be done after Level 1 also.

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