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Team Building Training

Resiliency Team Training consists of a variety of events and venues to support corporations, churches, academia and a variety of not-for-profit and other organizations. We offer community preparedness conferencing facilities, tours and infotainment your group will thoroughly enjoy.


We offer several options for team building training with retreats and summits, as well as Military skills training, security lectures, seminars and training to protect employees and members of your organization.


We deliver our team-building programs in three phases:

Formation, Enrichment and Sustainment. 

situational awareness training, military base, conference center

Community Emergency Response Training

Every exercise supports building from one phase to the next. Community preparedness is an increasingly important skill that can provide communities security and safety. Our community emergency response training program in this preparedness phase educates people about disaster preparedness for various natural and man made hazards that may impact your area. Our community emergency response training also trains your group in basic disaster response skills for your team and community.

community preparedness, fitness boot camp, military style training

Advanced Situational Awareness Training

In our military style resiliency training, our instructors help people deal with difficult events and how to work through them.  Advanced situational awareness training will help identify the factors and strategies to build resilience.  In our leadership training, we discuss Military leadership of the past, what worked and what failed and why. We also discuss in advanced situational awareness training the ways today’s Military trains its leadership to fit the ever changing battlefield.

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